Canasta Accessories

There are many different canasta accessories that can make your next canasta party or get together not only a little more fun, but more organized.  From card trays and shufflers to card holders and score pads.  There are so many different ways to liven up your event.  I know, some might feel these type of items are more for the serious canasta card player but that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Often times some of the items shown here just make it easier to play the game as a whole.

So whether you are the “queen of canasta” or you just feel that “canasta makes the world a happy place”, one of these items are sure to make you either a better queen or the world a better place.


Playing Card Holders
Playing Card Holders for canasta.
Canasta Card Trays
2, 6 and 9 Deck Trays
canasta card shuffler
Card shufflers make playing canasta easier.
Real Canasta Playing Cards
Various decks of cards to play with canasta with


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